Sticky Interact fundamentally changes the way people communicate.

Although there are a virtually unlimited number of ways to effectively use Sticky Interact, here are a few of our clients’ favorites.

Software Companies

Proactive Technical Support: Page-specific widgets answer specific questions, which prevent users from getting frustrated and searching elsewhere for answers. Because the questions are then available for others, additional users receive answers more quickly, freeing up your support staff to focus on higher level support requests.


Higher Conversion Rates: By providing information or answers to common questions on the specific product page where customers shop, they are more likely to complete the purchase.

Proactive Customer Support: Dynamic Q&A throughout the website reduces the load on your customer service team, reinforces your commitment to service, and provides a superior shopping experience.


Sell More Tickets: Less questions and more answers means more sales.

Increase Satisfaction: Dynamically collecting event-specific interactions and placing them on the webpage where your attendees want the information allows them to focus instead on the fun to come.

Improve Your Event: When users submit questions, tips, and comments directly on your event site, you can use this information to monitor the "word on the street" and make changes so your event is even better.


Better Customer Communication: On individual product pages, or throughout the company website, you can field questions from customers when and where the questions arise. Once a question is answered, it’s searchable and visible the next time a visitor browses that webpage or asks a question.

Customer Feedback: Customer interactions – whether questions, comments, or tips – provide valuable insight to improve your products, generate new product ideas, and respond to the market.

Reinforcing Brand Identity: Sharing with retailers and partner websites provides manufacturer-direct, product-related assistance, which increases conversion rates and partners’ sales. And your brand's identity extends everywhere the widget appears.

Promotion: Using the built in advertising system, your brand can run ads within the widget.

Managing Supplier Relationships: Placed on wholesale websites, dynamic one-to-many communications across rep and retail partner networks allow you to share answers to technical product questions, communicate around availability issues, address pricing concerns, and proactively share community information or resources.