Sticky player fundamentally changes the way people communicate


Enable moderated conversation along with campaign videos to deepen the conversation when and where it matters. Sticky player enables you to syndicate your messaging and content across partner websites to dynamically educate diverse groups and amplify the core message, all while ensuring that messaging stays on point. More than just a social amplification technology, you can leverage backend reports to easily understand where your content hits home with your audience, and learn what’s missing.


Allow viewers to interact with your content and each other, with or without moderation, as they watch your event in real time, adding deep social engagement. Once the event is complete, and your event is available as pre-recorded content, all the interactions from the live event exist as part of the video timeline. The next viewer who watches the pre-recorded event will see those interactions as they watch and every time they join in a conversation, prior viewers (from both the live event, and anyone else who has watched subsequently) are re-engaged. As your content shifts from a live event to one that’s experienced over and over, your video and the viewing experience continue to evolve and get better with every viewer.

how to videos

Give your viewers more detail about a product or service and allow them to ask and answer questions, make comments, and post tips. Viewers provide additional context, helpful suggestions, and answer questions that will fill in the gap for other viewers. You also get deep insights into what is important so you can adjust your video content, website, and product offerings in the future.

product videos

Each time a customer asks a question or contributes information while watching a video, you receive deep consumer insight. You can then use this market feedback to improve the overall product experience in areas such as product features, user instructions, and product information. You'll also have the opportunity to overcome sales objections and answer customer questions so that subsequent viewers have less obstacles to purchase.

entertainment videos

Individual viewers can engage with your wider community as they watch original content, adding an entirely new level of social engagement to their viewing experience. Tying commentary to video content enables deep interaction that occurs every time your content is viewed. Although Sticky Player enables real-time conversations, its very nature allows time-shifted discussion and communication to occur at the time most convenient for each viewer. This dynamic engagement keeps your viewers coming back to continue interacting with your content and each other.