how we do it...

Sticky Interact is a direct voice with your users that provides information, comments, and tips when and where they’re needed– on any webpage on any website. On sales pages, as a support tool, or to share collective knowledge among distributed workgroups, Sticky Interact changes how you collaborate, educate, and communicate with your users.

Self Service

  • Full featured admin panel
  • Provides complete control, including user account access, management of multiple widgets, look and feel, team management, and automatic moderation routing

Flexible Implementation

  • One line of code that integrates anywhere you can
    add a line of JavaScript
  • Fully customizable look and feel and widget behaviors
  • Easily turn features on and off for immediate changes

Multiple Widget Types

  • Small on-page widget
  • Responsive widget
  • Lightbox widget
  • Floating widget


  • Smooth and intuitive user experience on any combination of browser, OS, or form factor (PC, phone, tablet)


  • Crowdsourced moderation
  • Multistep approvals, automatic question routing, internal communication tools, and more
  • Bad language filter
  • Ability to suppress interactions from public display but still respond to users

Community Sharing

  • Allow your visitors to answer questions, add tips, and comment on interactions with or without moderation – all based on simple control panel settings
  • Interactions shareable across social networks

User Interactions

  • Suggested answers to provide faster response to users who ask similar questions
  • Upload pictures, PDFs, or other media
  • Customized user notifications
  • Custom rewards that incentivize community involvement
  • Vote content up or down or rate it
  • Tips and comments
  • Nested conversations
  • Add emoticons and mathematical equations/formulas


  • User analytics: most popular interactions, by date or geographic region, and more
  • Moderator analytics: time to answer questions, number of questions answered, and interactions moderated

Language Translation

  • Option to either manually translate user interactions internally or enable automatic translation tool for up to 26 languages